What This Is
This is the breaking of a seal on the biggest untold stories of the history of humankind. Yes, a pretty big deal. I knew sharing the information would most likely lead to my firing, but because of my age and stage in life, it was worth it to me. So if you want, just think of me as a guy with nothing to lose.
You may wonder why the government isn’t preventing me from doing this. They can’t because a web service much more powerful than myself and this small blog discovered the documents and has possession of them, and is prepared to leak them. There are rumors others have some of the documents out there, too. It’s now become impossible to keep documents inside an office building if even one person decides to get them out.
So I have sources, I have documents, and more are coming.
The plan is to release them right here, one by one; to reveal the truth.
The truth is that foreigners, outsiders…aliens have been watching us for a very long time. For at least 250 years. And they’ve been documenting what they see.
It means that we’re not alone, it means some of us are being watched right now. You could be. Today, tonight; in your office, in your bathroom. Right now, as you’re reading this. Stop, take a second. Do you sense anything weird, or off?
It means Big Brother is a reality, and Big Brother, is alien to earth.  It means at least one big question man has wondered about since the beginning of time, has been answered. We’re not alone in this universe. And aliens can, and are, capable of visiting us. But to this point, they’re only witnesses, not participants.
I realize this isn’t easy to accept. You may be thinking “This is alien conspiracy mumbo jumbo nonsense.”
But let the documents, and the stories within them…tell the story.
For me, I got the proof I needed while at DOD as we were translating and going through the documents.
Wurdock made his hard drive discovery in 1987, but about 20 percent of the files contained on the drive recounted events that happened AFTER 1987. And no, the hard drive was not updated wirelessly since 1987. Files are not being sent to the drive remotely. I was in DOD labs when some of the best scientists in the world proved that wasn’t happening.
The 2001 attacks were discussed on some of the files.  We didn’t discover those files until late 2004, unfortunately.  But the fact that they existed on an unaltered drive that was found in 1987 proves that we’ve got something other-worldly going on here.
I’ve been called crazy; and you may discover rumors that I had a paranoid episode prior to being fired. Those rumors, like the circumstances of my dismissal, were created to discredit me.


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