Demmel Document # 4: A Special Willingness to Sacrifice

We picked up on repeated readings during a span between the mid 1950’s and the mid 1970’s during an ongoing conflict involving several countries, including ones titled: United States and: North Vietnam.

It was an extremely long conflict and demmels who were not involved directly as fighters had many different and opposing views about the purpose and value of participating in the conflict.

Vietnam conflict protesters

We found it strange that two of the primary countries involved – North Vietnam and the United States, were not located close to each other, as was typical when demmel countries become involved in violent confrontations.  These two groups were fighting not about  a land mass, or a previous conflict…but about some of their principally-held values on how demmel societies on the planet should be organized, and carried out.

U.S. Fighters in Vietnam - transport titled: helicopter also visible

Vietnam is divided in two regions; North Vietnam and South Vietnam.  The north had a style of government that many United States leaders felt
was inappropriate, toxic, and dangerous.

Their belief was that if left unimpeded, it could potentially spread to other countries and the rest of the planet.  The type of government was titled: Communist. Communism involves a centralized government under which people share all resources.

U.S. “conflict supporters” felt that demmels in a communist system have little incentive to employ labor beyond the minimum required….because their lifestyle and level of possession-wealth…doesn’t change through additional labor.  Communism is referred to as a class-less system.  They also felt communism was devastating to the demmel spirit of creativity and aspiration.

Demmels have an extremely strong need to define themselves, and each other, into categories; categories related to their level of wealth, performance or leadership achievement, differing beliefs in God, as well as levels of success in a knowledge-based social system.

Country: United States was fighting the North Vietnamese because they were trying to take over South Vietnam and impose their communist-style of government on them.

U.S. demmel fighters with suspected Vietnamese enemy combatant

United States leaders believe in a government/political system titled: Capitalism – an organization under which those who work harder in their market-driven system are able to gain material wealth, elevated social status, and a financial freedom from labor.  Some call it a meritocracy…a system where those who choose not to carry out significant labor and ingenuity will be rewarded with less.

Interestingly…as time passes many demmels across the planet feel that the current capitalist system, planet-wide, is now arranged to give exponential benefits to those who already own massive concentrated portions of wealth,

Wall Street, New York City

not because they labor exponentially harder…but because they can manipulate the system and put lower-wealthed-demmels in a position of being unable to compete in many industries.

But in the 1950’s,  there were much stronger beliefs in the state of capitalism, and these political beliefs were the stated motivation for the conflict.

But outside the political mind-sets of the countries involved, there were battles going on, on the ground in Vietnam.  Young, mostly male demmels from many countries, were fighting, and dying, in an effort to win the conflict so their governments could assert their will on South Vietnam.

We received a strong emotive reading in a place in Vietnam called Duc Pho on the night of May 18, 1967.

A group of United States fighters were traveling by foot, trying to find and bring back some of their own who were wounded in a previous fight.

The men moved quietly, in a strategic-arranged-grouping.  The demmel in the lead position came to find himself standing in front of an enemy Vietnamese fighter.

The U.S. men yelled to warn their co-fighters, which also had the unavoidable consequence of alerting more Vietnamese fighters who were in better physically-strategic-positions than the U.S. fighters;  better locations, and a better ability to see and fire deadly weapons at the U.S. fighters.

They fired some of the most technologically advanced weapons ever created by demmels: titled: machine guns, and threw small, deadly bomb-mechanisms at them,  titled: grenades.

A Grenade. Credit: JL DuBois

Grenades are small devices that explode after they’re projected through the air toward an enemy target.

When they explode they send out metal fragments that can violently penetrate demmels bodies, killing them if they’re within several meters of the grenade when it explodes.

Almost immediately the lead U.S. fighter was shot, wounded and knocked down.  But another fighter titled: Dale Eugene Wayrynen did not hesitate.  He ran forward, shooting and killing an enemy fighter.  Then he grabbed his injured team member and brought him back to what should have been a safer position, a place where a group of U.S. fighters stood in a circle.  Moments later they each faced a terrible, horrifying circumstance: a well-thrown live grenade landed in the center of the group.

At this moment the demmels knew they were facing death.  They would never have enough time to get away from the grenade before it exploded.

The natural, instinctive self-preservation instinct at a moment like this would be to turn and move away from the grenade as quickly as possible.

But the U.S. fighter titled: Dale Eugene Wayrynen – made a different choice.

In an act as courageous as we’ve ever seen from a single demmel – Wayrynen shouted a warning to the others, pushed one away from the grenade, and jumped on top of it, as it exploded.

He was killed.  But he saved the lives of several others.

The Medal of Honor

The demmel titled Dale Eugene Wayrynen was awarded the most prestigious award that U.S. fighting groups titled: military can offer: a Medal of Honor.

The demmels now use the term “jumped on a grenade” in their everyday language.  The phrase essentially means “to sacrifice yourself for the greater good, for the benefit of others.”

More than 58,000 U.S. demmels were killed in the Vietnam fight.

Arlington Cemetery

More than 1,000,000 North Vietnamese demmels; and more than 38,000 South Vietnamese demmels were killed in the fight.

Vietnamese Soldiers Cemetery

The courage of the demmel titled: Wayrynen was unlike anything we’ve seen outside of earth…outside of the demmels.  While their technologies may be  inferior to ours, their spirit, courage and willingness to sacrifice are one of the most remarkable things we’ve witnessed here, or anywhere else.


Demmel Document #3: The Importance of Beauty

Male demmels are, on average, taller and heavier than females.  Typical heights range from 5′ to 6′ 3″…common weights range from 100 to 240 pounds.

Robert Wadlow tallest man in history

We believe this is the tallest demmel in recorded history.  Robert Wadlow was 8 feet 11 inches tall.  A pituitary gland disorder led him to grow out of control, which put a terrible strain on his body until he died in 1948, at age 22.  This is Wadlow next to an average-sized demmel.  This image lacks the color present in modern images.

The tallest living demmel is a male from country: Turkey; Sultan Kosen.  He is 8-feet-and-one-inch tall.
The shortest male demmel ever was titled: Gul Mohammed from location: New Delhi: country: India.  He was only 22 inches tall and weighed less than 38 pounds.  He died at age 40 of something called a “heart attack,” (it’s the failure of the demmels most important life-preserving organ.)  He also struggled physically due in large part to his love of something called  “smoking.”

Demmels "smoking" in earth-year-1950

Smoking is a demmel  ritual…they place a small device, (a naturally grown material wrapped in a small paper tube) into their mouths.  It’s titled: “cigarette.”  It burns itself down and shrinks as they use it. The mouth is the delivery system through which the demmels assimilate oxygen.  (Without oxygen, they die in just a few earth minutes.)

Demmels device titled: Cigarette

They use fire to light the cigarette and then inhale a component-tainted smoke into their lungs.  The component is titled: nicotine.  It’s  addictive and many do it regularly despite pepeated reminders  that the ritual can lead to illness, or even death.  The nicotine inhaled seems to have a soothing quality.  Many demmels also enjoy smoking because they feel a sense of community while doing it, and communicating, with others.  For some reason, most demmels tend to stress that they do it because of the physical  addiction.

Smallest ever female demmel

The second shortest demmel was a female; Pauline Musters from country: Netherlands.  She was just under 2 feet tall; 23 inches.
She’s standing in this picture next to a man of typical height.

The shortest demmel alive today is Khagendra Thapa Magar of country: Nepal.  Magar is one of the 5 smallest men in history.

Shortest living male demmel - Khagendra

He’s 2 feet, 2-and-one-half-inches tall.  He’s 18 years old at the time of this record.  He suffers from Primordial Dwarfism;  his body was remarkably small prior to his birth, and he will grow at a stunted rate for the rest of his life.  Primordial is the most severe type of dwarfism; some estimate there are no more than 100 demmels on the planet with the condition.  Most primordial dwarfs do not grow older than age: 30-earth-years.

The heaviest demmel ever documented was a male: titled: Jon Brower Minnoch.  He was born in 1941 and lived in a place called: Bainbridge Island: Washington: United States…at 12-earth-years he weighed 292 earth-pounds… At 22 at a height of 6′ 1″ he weighed 392…but that was just the beginning.  He gained weight steadily and at an alarming pace.  At his peak Minnoch weighed an estimated 1,400 pounds.  At 37-earth years he was hospitalized with heart and respiratory failure.  It took more than 12 demmels to transport him to a medical center.  He slept on 2 beds pushed together.  13 demmels worked together just to roll him over to change his bed sheets.  His wife weighed 110 pounds; and they had two children.  Demmel culture makes note of large people; titled: overweight:obese: or fat, including in their artistic creations.

Common-sized demmels in country: titled: italy

Some demmels grow larger than they should because they consume more food than necessary to be sustained.

Also, particularly in wealthier countries – numerous highly standardized sustenance markets (often titled: fast food) sell large quantities of food that is unhealthy; instead of providing sustenance to the body, their food can lead to unhealthy body weight, and  even cause it harm.  When eaten often,  they can become what demmels call “morbidly obese” which is when being over-weight leads to constriction of their blood vessels putting a strain on their bodies which can lead to illness or  premature death.

Regardless of how individual demmels look, it’s obvious and clear that they are paying attention.  Beginning just seconds after birth, demmels indoctrinate their children repeatedly with communications like: “You are so cute”….”isn’t he a little handsome one”…”smile pretty”..these are all terms which communicate multiple messages, the most prevalent ones being “you are loved”, but also that they are physically attractive….and that being physically attractive, is important.

As children – likely around age 4, many young demmels begin spending a significant amount of their time thinking about their physical appearance, and in relatively simple ways, they spend time and energy, trying to enhance their appearance.

The importance of beauty is evidenced by one of the demmels somewhat strange rituals;  they go through expensive and painful procedures, titled: “plastic surgery”,  to change their physical appearance.

Male demmel after "Rhinoplasty" (credit: Alison)

One such ritual is titled: Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job.”  Demmels go through considerable pain, actually having this bone broken to change its shape and make it more physically appealing.

Different cultures across the planet place emphasis and importance on different physical attributes, and this is true even of people living in the same community.

The United States culture places a premium on beauty possibly more than anywhere else…but even in this single locality, there are divergences of what is seen as beautiful.  One example: males have different views on which female body type is preferable.

Caucasian (with European ethnology) males seem to more generally prefer thinner female demmels, with smaller buttocks.  This while many male demmels of african ethnic descent tend to prefer females with notably larger buttocks.  Demmels seem to have a fascination with the buttocks; illustrated by the many unique names they’ve created for it, titles like : butt: bunda: booty: bum, buns, tail, trunk, or rump, and more.  It is also a subject of demmels artistic endeavors, including auditory art.

Demmels have categorized the 4 most common female body shapes.  Titled: banana, apple, pear and hourglass.

Some believe females with hourglass shapes may be more fertile; and that males are more attracted to hour glass shaped females because subconsciously they recognize that these females will be better able to reproduce.

Demmels do not have such strict body identifications types for males.  Though there are many terms used to describe different qualities of male demmels bodies;  including: buff, beer belly; fatty; sloppy; gangly and more.  Across most cultures, male demmels do not undergo the same level of scrutiny related to their bodies that female demmels do.

While there are some notable differences on what constitutes beauty….there is also common ground.

Beautiful young female demmel

We estimate, through our own pattern recognition, that most demmels would likely title these people: beautiful.

Beautiful young demmel (photo credit: Thomas Sly)

Symmetrical faces are preferable to both sexes.  A nose, or ears which are notably larger and out of symmetry with the rest of a demmel’s face – tend to be less attractive than a face with features more proportional in size.

Attractive male demmel, with large eyes

An exception seems to be demmels eyes;   disproportionally large eyes are often seen as beautiful.
Demmel’s studies suggest their children develop a preference for beauty early in their development; they respond more favorably, (through smiling and body language) to more attractive people;

Young demmel, smiling

though facial animation and expression also play a role.  Smiling happens when demmels flex the muscles on the ends of their mouths.  It’s typically done to show pleasure or happiness, but can be done involuntarily in times of anxiety, or for other reasons.

Female demmels are held to a higher beauty standard than males in most cultures.
One possible explanation for this is male demmels traditionally tend to have more power in terms of social and economic stature.

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image credits: 1) Rhinoplasty

Demmel Document # 2: September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001.

“In 1996 we began to pick up strong emotive signals from a small group of men living in: large-desolate-mountain-region-Afghanistan.  A focused, intellectual, extremely angry group, they share a religion with 1.4 billion other demmels; they call themselves Muslims.
It’s earth’s second most followed faith-belief-system, after Christianity.  They believe in a God named Allah.  This small group is unlike most Muslims, in that they plan, encourage and carry out devastating violence and claim to do it in the name of their faith.

In 1996 they began planning an attack on the United States.  They hated the United States for their military occupation of an area they considered sacred land…a place called Saudi Arabia, and for supporting a country called Israel.

They wanted to harm the United States in a spectacularly crushing way; to cause irreparable damage.  They wanted to “cut the head off the snake,” and they wanted to do it while the entire planet watched.

We spotted the World Trade Center towers early on;  they were two of just a few grand structures we could see from just inside their planet’s atmosphere.  We also saw some extremely large, structural spectacles in other highly populated areas; places titled: Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles.

Symbolism is very important to demmels; they seem to create things for more than utility.  Sometimes they create objects to send symbolic messages to others, or just to share a sense of pride in themselves.

They’ve built many grand structures, and they’ve been building them for a long period of time; long before they developed technologies that allow machines to do most of the work.

They built the Pyramids of a place called Egypt.  The pyramids were built only with the physical labor of a technologically-challenged people; making them, in many ways, more impressive than structures created using modern technologies.

Demmels estimate this – the great pyramid of Giza was built about 4,500-earth-years ago.  It was built by hand, piece by piece, over a long construction period; between 14 and 20 earth-years.

Individual demmels can vary greatly in their levels of pride, as can groups.  The level of group-felt-pride is sometimes related to the wealth and technological sophistication of the group.

The United States has some of the most prideful demmels on the planet.  And some of the most prideful people, of the most prideful country, live in earth’s second-most-densely-populated area; New York City.

The World Trade Center towers were impressive due to their size, design, symmetrical nature, and because there were two of them standing, proudly, side-by-side.

It seems clear that the people who built these towers, like those who built the pyramids in Egypt 4,500 years earlier, had a strong sense of pride.

New York City has many impressive structures, but the World Trade Center, built about 35-earth-years ago, were about more than utility, and more than a source of pride.

They served as a symbol to demmels across the planet; a reminder of the United States’ industrial success, accomplishment, and dominance.

They also served as a sort of global economic and commerce centre.

While the demmels transportation and information technologies are inferior to ours, it’s clear they have an extremely strong will and sense of determination.

We’d never seen anything like the World Trade Center.  To use one of their terms to help define them; they are clearly “over-achievers.”

In 1998 an extremely well-connected and wealthy Muslim man named Osama Bin Laden issued a written demand (Fatwa) that called for the United States military to leave the holy place titled: Saudi Arabia.

The United States military remained in Saudi Arabia.

These men wanted to devastate the U.S. economy, and do it in a way that would be symbolically significant.

They targeted the World Trade Center towers, and other United States government-run facilities.

Their conversations regarding the World Trade Center were clear, they wanted to take them down using private U.S. airplanes as weapons.

They continued to plan for the next 3 years.  They recruited demmels who spoke english and had lived in western countries, some demmels who knew how to fly planes, and all of them had to be willing to die to finish their job.

They learned how to fly.  They took test rides as passengers on airplanes.  They planned what they would do to get the planes in their control, how they’d handle the passengers, and how they would use the planes to complete their murderous mission.

They continued to plan…until September 11, 2001.”

It was a normal, typical morning.  That’s what Michael Nestor remembered about the beginning of that Tuesday.  The day would impact him as intimately as it would anyone, with the exception of those who either lost someone they loved, or died themselves.

“It was a beautiful day, I remember that.”

Michael Nestor is a former police officer.  On September 11, 2001, he worked as an investigator for the New York, New Jersey port Authority, on the 77th floor of the north tower of the World Trade Center.

On this day he’d have breakfast at a restaurant at the top of the north Tower.

The view from the top of The World Trade Center’s “Windows on the World” restaurant was a jaw-dropping sight to first-time witnesses, but it was something Michael Nestor was used to.

“I would eat there regularly, lunch meetings, breakfast meetings, I was up there I’d say at least twice a week.”  Nestor says.

At 8:30 A.M. several planes were either in the process of being hijacked or already under control of the men with plans to do harm to the United States.  But only a few demmels knew this, and no one knew where the angry ones were headed, or what they planned to do with the planes.

“It was sunny that morning.”

15 minutes to impact.

“It was myself and a co-worker.  We were talking about a video we requested on an investigation we were working on.  It was pretty busy in there, lots of people, lots of people.”

Nestor says he remembers a man from his organization who was at the restaurant that morning.

“I noticed it because he was never up there,” Nestor says.

10 minutes to impact.

He had coffee.

By this time the FAA was receiving reports that demmels on airplanes had been stabbed, and flight attendants were sharing horrible situations, violence.

8 minutes to impact.

Passengers were having final conversations with loved ones on their cell phones.  One report recounts what a man told a loved one.  “It’s getting bad here, people are getting sick.”

5 minutes to impact.

Nestor was getting ready to leave Windows on the World.

“I could have had another one, but I wanted to see that video and so we decided to head out.”

According to one report, one of the demmels on one of the doomed planes left a voicemail message to a loved one that would turn out to be horribly accurate.  “I think they might be planning to fly into a building or something.  Don’t worry, if it happens, it’ll be real fast.”

Nestor and his co-worker were wrapping up their breakfast at the top of the north tower.

“We paid and headed to the elevator, Nestor says.  We got in.”

Before the doors closed Nestor heard the clacking of high heels.

“It was a friend of mine, and another gentleman.”

“Thank you.”  she said.

“They got in, and we were on our way down.  We made some small talk.”

They took the elevator from floor 107, to 78.

“It wasn’t long, those elevators were fast.”

Nestor got off on 78, then walked down a flight to his office on the 77th floor.

“See you later, have a good day.”  His friend continued on the elevator, headed down.

Two minutes to impact.  As the planes flew hazardously close to New York skyscrapers, some of the demmels on the planes became more aware that they were in immediate, grave danger.

“We’re flying too low, we’re flying way too low.”  One report says a plane passenger told a loved one on a cell phone call.

“I went and sat down at my desk.” Nestor says.

He says he was at his desk less than 2 minutes when it happened.

Boom.  The building shook.

He didn’t know what happened, but the first plane hit his building – the north tower,  just several floors above his office.

“We thought it was a small plane or helicopter.”

He says often helicopters and small planes would fly around the World Trade Center.

But then he says, the tower started to rock.

“It felt like it could fall, we were swaying side to side.”

People were alarmed, but not panicking.  No one knew what had happened.  People from several companies gathered in an office, and then they started the walk down 77 floors.

“We didn’t know how serious it was until we realized there was rubble blocking one of the stairways.” Nestor says.

So they began walking.  Calmly, down 77 floors.  It takes a long time to walk 77 floors.

“People weren’t panicking.  It was dark in the stairwell, emergency lights were on.. But there were no sirens.  And no screaming, nothing like that,” Nestor says.

Less than 30 minutes into their walk down, at 9:03….a second plane hit the south tower.  Nestor says he heard noise but didn’t know what had happened.

His wife was at home, watching.  But they couldn’t talk, his cell phone wasn’t working.

He says they passed by firefighters who were heading up as they went down.  They were told that a plane had hit the other tower.  And during the time Nestor and his colleagues were walking down the north tower…. the south tower came down.

The south tower was the second tower hit, but the first one to come down; it fell about 62 minutes after it was impacted by the plane.

It wasn’t Michael’s building.  If it had been, he would have never made it out of that stairwell.

His tower – the north tower – took 102 minutes to fall after the plane hit it.  Barely enough time for him to get out.

At the 7th floor a woman in the stairwell couldn’t walk, so Nestor picked her up and carried her.

“I gave my briefcase to someone else with info so I could get it later.”

The briefcase would be the only relic from a career that spanned decades.  Everything else would be gone…soon.

Nestor says the relative calmness of the stairwell was a stark contrast to the chaos outside.  Sirens, panic, bloody people, dead bodies, body parts.  Worse than the worst horror movie.

He says they lost dozens of officers in that building, and many more civilians.  He says he thinks about the fact that he was one of the last ones to leave the Windows on the World restaurant.

Everyone who was in the restaurant when Nestor got on that elevator, died when the north tower fell about 105 minutes later.

Nestor says he thinks about it every day; about what led him to get up, instead of having one more cup of coffee.

“It was no great intelligence on my part, if I’d stayed up there for another one I wouldn’t have made it.”

It seems that demmels like Nestor take away a freedom from events like this.  A reminder that they are not in control of their lives; that their lives could be taken from them at any time.  But demmels don’t generally gather a sense of panic
from thinking about this possibility – they, somewhat remarkably, accept it, and use it to appreciate what they do have, and whatever time they may have left.”

“I learned that I shouldn’t sweat the small things.  Your life can end at any minute.”

The demmels are more impressive when viewed up close.  To judge them simply by their lack of technological capabilities is to miss out on a lot they have to offer, and a lot of the impressive, unyielding spirit they seem to have.

New Yorkers have bounced back.  There are rebuilding a structure they call “Freedom Tower” on the same site of the original World Trade Center.

The First Release: File # 1: They call them “Tornadoes”

Many parts of the Demmel Documents contain information that’s been “storied”  – translated into story form.

Other parts are “direct paraphrases or translations” from…them.

Here’s one of the translated documents; from June of 2010:

Demmels, Tornadoes and Peculiarities.

Without much mobility the Demmels are vulnerable to strong wind variations; they call them tornadoes.



The June 2010 occurrence was in the most prosperous area of the Demmels planet – an area called “The United States of America”…part of a larger region: “North America.”

It happened in a small area in the north-central part of the country in the southern part of a place called Minnesota; more specifically a place named Freeborn County.

It was here that several Tornadoes hit on the evening of June 17th.

The following is a storied translation of a file pulled from the hard drive Wurdock discovered in 1987.

A flag on the Borchardt farm twists rhythmically, sickly, in a wind that switches between mild and furious, every few seconds.

The sky is a strange green over Jeff Borchardt as he directs a 4-wheeler towing a trailer of tools into a shed.

The large, 45 acre farm has two barns, two tractors, an outbuilding, three grain bins full of corn and beans, and a house.

A series of framed black and white photographs on the wall inside the house show the history of the farmstead; it’s been in the family for more than 50 years.

Jeff steps out of the shed, looks around; he takes in the strange sky on the horizon, and it’s eerily quiet.

Inside the house, his wife Leslie watches him from the kitchen window. “Jeff, dinner’s up in 10 minutes.”  Jeff waves.  “Thanks, be there in a minute.”

Leslie runs dish water.  She stops the faucet, pulls off her wedding ring and drops it into a jar filled with water and cleaning solution.

She tightens the top of the jar just as a tiny hand reaches up and squeezes as much of her denim jeans as it can handle.
It’s their 2-year-old son, Damien.  She looks down, smiling.  “Ooh hi there honey, what are you up to?  I thought you were playing with your sister.”

Damien’s sister Misha stands in the living room, toys surround her bare feet.
She stares out the window, at the dark clouds flying by.

“The Demmels have a sense of intuition, they can feel things, read things as they change in their environment.  But they don’t obtain information very quickly, and in many situations they don’t get enough information to make good decisions fast enough.”
Several tornadoes are on the ground in Freeborn county.

They roam rural farmlands like evil bullies, scowl-faced natural predators capable of annihilating an entire town, or leaving individual homes, individual’s lives, untouched.

They curse along at 20 miles-per-hour.  The largest is several miles wide.

Inside the twister, million dollar pieces of farm equipment float around like feathers; there’s also wood from trees and homes, huge slabs of metal shrapnel, single corn cobs jetting around fast enough to kill a Demmel, and more.

There are living things inside this tornado; chickens, pigs, even a cow.  But you can’t hear them.

When sufficiently scared,  all living things seem to go quiet, and being stuck in a tornado is one of those fear-producing events.

These animals make none of their signature squawk, oink, or moo sounds.

“In 30 minutes the tornado would be on top of the Borchardt farm.  But they couldn’t recognize that.  Their sirens tell the Demmels tornadoes are present nearby, but not where they are, or where they’re headed.”
Tornado sirens ring out several miles from the Borchardt’s farm, but they don’t hear them yet.

Inside Jeff is on the phone, as Leslie, Misha and Damien eat at the kitchen table.

“Yea I think we’re going to just hold up here, hit the basement if it comes our way.”  Leslie is concerned.

Damien and Misha are blissfully unaware, focused on their food.  “Ok, alright, love you too.”

Jeff clicks his cell shut.

“What did your dad say?” Leslie asks.

“They’re heading to the basement.”

Leslie anxiety shows.  “Do you think we should go to their place?

The phone rings again.  “Hello?”  “You should get out of there, it’s heading straight toward you,” A voice tells Jeff,  “Really?”
“Yea, come on over, we’ll have games ready for the kids.”

“Ok, alright, we’re leaving now,” Jeff says.

Misha catches her dad’s words.  “Go where, mommy?”

“To Grandma’s house.” Jeff answers.

A few minutes later, Leslie,  the last one out of the house, holds the door. She takes one last I-don’t-want-to-forget-anything look at her kitchen.

Content, she closes the door.  Her wedding ring still sits in the jar on the kitchen counter.

“When this Demmel family left their home they didn’t bring their special possessions with them.  They didn’t understand that a tornado would destroy their home. ”

“Crack!”  “Snap!”  “Thwack!”  Trees snap loudly in two like giant toothpicks and corn stalks disintegrate in a fraction of a fraction of a second.  The tornado was dark, full of things it’s already destroyed.

Wind.  Scratching.  The debris clanging together is the nasty melody to a chorus of devastation.

It’s not just a funnel cloud.  It’s an EF4 tornado.  According to one Demmel, “It’s  a get the hell out of the way, or you are going to die” sight.

It’s ominous, angry, and not willing to spare any thing, or any one in its path.
A young man – Adam, Jeff’s brother-in-law, sees it all through a set of binoculars.

First it munches the Borchardt’s 350-thousand-dollar tractor.  It picks up the giant machine like confetti on a picnic table at a windy birthday party.


It destroys acres of crops before fixing itself on a barn; in 4 seconds it takes the roof, then the walls and support beams.

“Ooh, God, no!”

Their farm is like the inside of a giant blender, everything twirls in motion, cars and farm equipment;  clothes, dishes, pictures, toys, blankets, dvd’s, papers, furniture, books, glass, bricks, wood, doors, the family’s farm cat spends 45 seconds in the air, only to be set down, miraculously, free from injury.

Then it turned toward the house.

“No, No, No!”

In less than 30 seconds it destroys a house that’d been in the family 50 years.


Then, silence.  The house was gone.

Everything was destroyed, except for two grain bins.

Adam stands still; despair and astonishment on his face.

“The distress readings we got from this Demmel are a rare kind.  The distress from this man came as he saw the damage done, but it continued until he was able to share what had happened with others.”

A radio in the Borchardt parents’ living room transmits emergency information.

“If you are in Freeborn or Mower county, take cover immediately.”

Jeff, Leslie, their two kids and more than a dozen other extended family members huddle in the living room, watching TV and listening to the radio.

“To Demmels, tornadoes move randomly.  Their unpredictability is inherently frightening; Demmels use a form of reasoning to make decisions.  Tornado behavior is not something they can  think through logically; and without the technology to determine exactly where they’ll strike, they are vulnerable to them.

Demmels have developed rudimentary escape plans, an audible siren system and use their primitive communication systems to alert each other of the wind variations….but what they do to avoid them is unremarkable.

What’s notable is what a tornado can do to individuals’ lives, and how the Demmels respond.

A tornado destroyed nearly everything this family owned.

Everything they’ve spent their lives working to gather.

In some cases tornadoes destroy not just a person’s home, but their primary means of providing sustenance and an enjoyable life for their families.
We witnessed a case where a tornado destroyed a young family’s home as well as their food-growing operation – which provided their means of generating resources to feed and maintain their way of life.

We saw the painful distress and emotions felt by the family.

It’s relatively rare to witness such a collective shared feeling of despair, loss, hopelessness.

Small groups of people huddle close to each other, hold onto each other physically and share their seemingly catharsis-yielding process of crying.

Rarely do adult Demmels engage in this crying process in groups of more than two.

They also engaged in communication (they call it praying) with their God; Jesus Christ.

Their prayer seems to have a real, tangible effect on them; it seems to give them strength.”

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The next file, set to be released next week, is centered around New York City on the morning of September 11, 2001.