Point of View

I helped translate, and have read many of the documents. They show that the aliens are unimpressed by our technologies and many of our ways of life, but they are impressed by what they call “the power of the spirit inside the demmels.”
Here’s something you might find particularly alarming. Their nearly incomprehensible ability to monitor us puts anything the CIA can do, to shame.
The closest way I can describe it is, it’s like with dogs. You know how dogs can hear high-pitched sounds that humans can’t hear?
Well, according to the aliens, humans constantly emit something, something like a signal, like waves…individuals do, small and large groups do, whole populations do. They say the “waves” carry information that communicates our feelings, our emotions. What’s more, they can even monitor the thought patterns of individuals and groups of people. They can tell if people are, for example; worried, excited, afraid of, or angry about specific things; they say can even recognize the causes of specific emotions. I know it sounds crazy, and I wouldn’t be writing this if the demmel documents didn’t bear these claims out.
The files illustrate that they can, and do, monitor things as well documented as a U.S. presidential election, as large-scale as our current global economic crisis, things as horrific as a terrorist attack, or even things as personal as a one-to-one relationship.
To illustrate the level of acuity the aliens say they can monitor us (humans/demmels) with; during the 9-11 attacks they say they recognized the distress it caused humans…and so, like we search on a computer….they scanned the planet for individuals who were the most distressed, and the most pleased about the attacks. They are able to find out who the people are involved with anything, anywhere, any time, because, as they say, and as the documents have proven to me, “Their thoughts and emotions betray them.” Still, while the outsiders may be able to pick up on what we’re doing, they also have trouble understanding humans as a people. They can tell we’re angry, and they can tell why…but that doesn’t mean they understand why we value what we value…why certain things cause us to react in the ways we do. So while they seem to be watching us from an all-knowing perspective, in some ways, they also clearly don’t always understand us, and what makes us tick.
It took years to de-code and translate the aliens language. You’ll find many of their translated reports, here.
The reports seem random because they aren’t coming to me in order.
Many files are still classified, because, in at least some cases, the events described in them haven’t happened yet.


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