Demmel Document #3: The Importance of Beauty

Male demmels are, on average, taller and heavier than females.  Typical heights range from 5′ to 6′ 3″…common weights range from 100 to 240 pounds.

Robert Wadlow tallest man in history

We believe this is the tallest demmel in recorded history.  Robert Wadlow was 8 feet 11 inches tall.  A pituitary gland disorder led him to grow out of control, which put a terrible strain on his body until he died in 1948, at age 22.  This is Wadlow next to an average-sized demmel.  This image lacks the color present in modern images.

The tallest living demmel is a male from country: Turkey; Sultan Kosen.  He is 8-feet-and-one-inch tall.
The shortest male demmel ever was titled: Gul Mohammed from location: New Delhi: country: India.  He was only 22 inches tall and weighed less than 38 pounds.  He died at age 40 of something called a “heart attack,” (it’s the failure of the demmels most important life-preserving organ.)  He also struggled physically due in large part to his love of something called  “smoking.”

Demmels "smoking" in earth-year-1950

Smoking is a demmel  ritual…they place a small device, (a naturally grown material wrapped in a small paper tube) into their mouths.  It’s titled: “cigarette.”  It burns itself down and shrinks as they use it. The mouth is the delivery system through which the demmels assimilate oxygen.  (Without oxygen, they die in just a few earth minutes.)

Demmels device titled: Cigarette

They use fire to light the cigarette and then inhale a component-tainted smoke into their lungs.  The component is titled: nicotine.  It’s  addictive and many do it regularly despite pepeated reminders  that the ritual can lead to illness, or even death.  The nicotine inhaled seems to have a soothing quality.  Many demmels also enjoy smoking because they feel a sense of community while doing it, and communicating, with others.  For some reason, most demmels tend to stress that they do it because of the physical  addiction.

Smallest ever female demmel

The second shortest demmel was a female; Pauline Musters from country: Netherlands.  She was just under 2 feet tall; 23 inches.
She’s standing in this picture next to a man of typical height.

The shortest demmel alive today is Khagendra Thapa Magar of country: Nepal.  Magar is one of the 5 smallest men in history.

Shortest living male demmel - Khagendra

He’s 2 feet, 2-and-one-half-inches tall.  He’s 18 years old at the time of this record.  He suffers from Primordial Dwarfism;  his body was remarkably small prior to his birth, and he will grow at a stunted rate for the rest of his life.  Primordial is the most severe type of dwarfism; some estimate there are no more than 100 demmels on the planet with the condition.  Most primordial dwarfs do not grow older than age: 30-earth-years.

The heaviest demmel ever documented was a male: titled: Jon Brower Minnoch.  He was born in 1941 and lived in a place called: Bainbridge Island: Washington: United States…at 12-earth-years he weighed 292 earth-pounds… At 22 at a height of 6′ 1″ he weighed 392…but that was just the beginning.  He gained weight steadily and at an alarming pace.  At his peak Minnoch weighed an estimated 1,400 pounds.  At 37-earth years he was hospitalized with heart and respiratory failure.  It took more than 12 demmels to transport him to a medical center.  He slept on 2 beds pushed together.  13 demmels worked together just to roll him over to change his bed sheets.  His wife weighed 110 pounds; and they had two children.  Demmel culture makes note of large people; titled: overweight:obese: or fat, including in their artistic creations.

Common-sized demmels in country: titled: italy

Some demmels grow larger than they should because they consume more food than necessary to be sustained.

Also, particularly in wealthier countries – numerous highly standardized sustenance markets (often titled: fast food) sell large quantities of food that is unhealthy; instead of providing sustenance to the body, their food can lead to unhealthy body weight, and  even cause it harm.  When eaten often,  they can become what demmels call “morbidly obese” which is when being over-weight leads to constriction of their blood vessels putting a strain on their bodies which can lead to illness or  premature death.

Regardless of how individual demmels look, it’s obvious and clear that they are paying attention.  Beginning just seconds after birth, demmels indoctrinate their children repeatedly with communications like: “You are so cute”….”isn’t he a little handsome one”…”smile pretty”..these are all terms which communicate multiple messages, the most prevalent ones being “you are loved”, but also that they are physically attractive….and that being physically attractive, is important.

As children – likely around age 4, many young demmels begin spending a significant amount of their time thinking about their physical appearance, and in relatively simple ways, they spend time and energy, trying to enhance their appearance.

The importance of beauty is evidenced by one of the demmels somewhat strange rituals;  they go through expensive and painful procedures, titled: “plastic surgery”,  to change their physical appearance.

Male demmel after "Rhinoplasty" (credit: Alison)

One such ritual is titled: Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job.”  Demmels go through considerable pain, actually having this bone broken to change its shape and make it more physically appealing.

Different cultures across the planet place emphasis and importance on different physical attributes, and this is true even of people living in the same community.

The United States culture places a premium on beauty possibly more than anywhere else…but even in this single locality, there are divergences of what is seen as beautiful.  One example: males have different views on which female body type is preferable.

Caucasian (with European ethnology) males seem to more generally prefer thinner female demmels, with smaller buttocks.  This while many male demmels of african ethnic descent tend to prefer females with notably larger buttocks.  Demmels seem to have a fascination with the buttocks; illustrated by the many unique names they’ve created for it, titles like : butt: bunda: booty: bum, buns, tail, trunk, or rump, and more.  It is also a subject of demmels artistic endeavors, including auditory art.

Demmels have categorized the 4 most common female body shapes.  Titled: banana, apple, pear and hourglass.

Some believe females with hourglass shapes may be more fertile; and that males are more attracted to hour glass shaped females because subconsciously they recognize that these females will be better able to reproduce.

Demmels do not have such strict body identifications types for males.  Though there are many terms used to describe different qualities of male demmels bodies;  including: buff, beer belly; fatty; sloppy; gangly and more.  Across most cultures, male demmels do not undergo the same level of scrutiny related to their bodies that female demmels do.

While there are some notable differences on what constitutes beauty….there is also common ground.

Beautiful young female demmel

We estimate, through our own pattern recognition, that most demmels would likely title these people: beautiful.

Beautiful young demmel (photo credit: Thomas Sly)

Symmetrical faces are preferable to both sexes.  A nose, or ears which are notably larger and out of symmetry with the rest of a demmel’s face – tend to be less attractive than a face with features more proportional in size.

Attractive male demmel, with large eyes

An exception seems to be demmels eyes;   disproportionally large eyes are often seen as beautiful.
Demmel’s studies suggest their children develop a preference for beauty early in their development; they respond more favorably, (through smiling and body language) to more attractive people;

Young demmel, smiling

though facial animation and expression also play a role.  Smiling happens when demmels flex the muscles on the ends of their mouths.  It’s typically done to show pleasure or happiness, but can be done involuntarily in times of anxiety, or for other reasons.

Female demmels are held to a higher beauty standard than males in most cultures.
One possible explanation for this is male demmels traditionally tend to have more power in terms of social and economic stature.

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image credits: 1) Rhinoplasty


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