I am a Whistle Blower

What is this?

The Demmel Documents begins with a story about a man who, in 1987, made a discovery so amazing you won’t believe it, at first. It’s about a whistleblower with a previously spotless record. It’s the story of what was discovered in 1987, and what it means not just for the people directly involved with the discovery, but for all of us, including you.

Who I Am: The Whistle Blower:

Hello. My name is Dr. Patrick Daniel. I was born in 1949, near Baltimore, Maryland. I was educated formally (Harvard) as a physicist. I spent the past 35 years working as a research scientist in the United States Department of Defense (DOD). I spent most of those years working in a relatively small department involved in the investigation of unidentified flying objects and the possibility of extraterrestrials; specifically ones that might come within earth’s reach.
I was an excellent employee. I received regular, merit-based promotions and, I had an exemplary employment history, until several months ago. During a ten-week period my superiors carried out a seek-and-destroy mission of misinformation, misrepresentation, false accusations and explicit framing of information designed to portray me as “an erratic, short-sighted, dangerously incompetent security risk” to the department.
You might be be amazed how quickly and efficiently the government can run, if the right people are motivated to do something very specific. So I got early retirement. It’s okay, after 35 years, I have an ample pension.
What really happened? My superiors believed, and feared, that I’d begun to share information, documents, obtained from the 1987 discovery of a man named Conor Wurdock. (detailed below)
They were right.

A newspaper article you’ve never read.
Small-town Southern Minnesota-Northern Iowa newspaper publisher Larry Shutter wrote and even printed a few hundred copies of this article, before he says it was confiscated by federal officials. Not long after he says this happened, just months ago, Mr. Shutter shut down “Sominia” – the newspaper he published for just under 11 months. He says the publishing business wasn’t going well and he had to go another direction. But the timing was interesting. The shutdown came three days after he printed, but didn’t publish, this article:
The Discovery
Rochester, Minnesota man’s amazing 1987 discovery
By Larry Shutter
Twenty-eight-year-old Rochester native Conor Wurdock was in Colorado, hiking with his wife, when he made what may turn out to be the discovery of the last 1,000 years.   It happened near a clearing in the Rocky mountains.
“We were hiking near a peak.” Wurdock recounts the day 20-plus years ago.
“It was a fluke thing. I dropped my water bottle, and there it was.”
The device was just the size of a modern day cell phone, but Wurdock was immediately impressed by it.
“It looked like it was metal. But it felt way too light for how big it was. I’m an engineer, and I’d worked with the latest metal-technologies, but I’d never seen anything like this.”
He showed it to local police, who shared it with federal authorities. Wurdock says in the months following, he asked officials about the device. He says he was told it was the transmitter of a highly-sophisticated, high-level government aircraft.
“It just didn’t feel right.”
The FBI took possession of the device. Eventually they recognized it as a highly advanced computer hard drive. He says 23 years after he found it, he got a call, recently, from federal officials. They invited him to the FBI facility in Quantico, Virginia.
“They said, ‘It’s about what you found in 1987.’”
Wurdock couldn’t believe it.
“It was like a mystery. I felt like a 12-year-old kid again.”
He says they showed him the device again, and told him they’d learned a lot more about it since he discovered it more than 2 decades ago. The government couldn’t read the device initially and they didn’t discover it contained documents until 1991, 4 years after it was discovered. The documents were of a digitized quality that the top technological experts on the planet had never seen before. It took them several years to figure out how to translate the documents. Wurdock says the FBI believes the digital documents were produced by…aliens.
“Yes, aliens,” Wurdock says. “And not just aliens, but aliens capable of traveling…”
Wurdock paused to emphasize the weight of his next point.
“…aliens capable of traveling, through both space, and time.”
He says he can prove it. He says some of the events described in the documents happened after 1987, when the drive containing the documents was discovered.
Events like the tsunami of southeast Asia, the genocide in Africa, Hurricane Katrina, and the 9-11 attacks. Events like the presidential race of 2004, the global economic crash of 2008…as well as trivial details about earthling culture; American Girl dolls, the Avatar movie, planking, and other relatively minor phenomena.
The documents also recount experiences of individual people from countries across the globe…..with as much detail as you could imagine, an indication that the writers themselves were watching the individuals from, seemingly, within arm’s reach.
The documents also contain editorial comments. Thoughts, Wurdock says, from the aliens, about us.
“They’ve got some interesting views about humans.”
Their word for humans is “demmels.”
In The Demmel Documents, they discuss our ways of life, our priorities, our values, our will; our perseverance, our ways of governing each other; our humanity.
Not all of the documents are fully translated, yet. Wurdock says there are more than 2,400 documents.


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